Overarching Goals

  • To create a new model program for graduate education centered on team-based collaboration across traditional disciplinary boundaries
  • To cultivate a new generation of watershed science and management graduates trained in solving complex, real-world problems


  • Produce students trained in cutting-edge research in their own field
  • Produce students capable of integrating across multiple disciplines to gain a broad view of watershed problems and solutions
  • Train students in integrating science in a management and policy-making context
  • Produce students intimately experienced with team-based problem solving
  • Recruit, mentor, retain and graduate watershed scientists from under-represented groups


The main areas of research for the Watershed Science and Policy IGERT are:

  • Floodplain Management

  • River Dynamics

  • Watershed Hydrology

  • Watershed Ecology

  • Watershed Engineeirng

  • Watershed Restoration

  • Watershed Governance

  • Watershed Systems Modeling





  • Southern Illinois University  Carbondale is a Carnegie I Research University-the highest category for colleges and universities in the U.S.-with an internationally recognized research faculty
  • SIUC ranks among the top 4% of U.S. higher education institutions for research activities
  • For more information on research at SIUC, visit the web site for the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research and Graduate Dean
  • Carbondale, Illinois is a beautiful place to live and study.  To learn more, visit the site for the Carbondale Convention and Tourism Bureau