Meet Our Fellows

Cadre 4 - 2013-2015

From left to right: Kerry McLeran, Jessica Fulgoni

Cadre 3 - 2012-2014

Cadre 3

From left to right: Ross Guida, Taylor Swanson, Shanna McClain, Hillary Marler, Amanda Marshall, Jenny Paul, Bo Cherry

Cadre 2 - 2011-2013

From left to right: Micah Bennett, Anne Hayden-Lesmeister, Justin Kozak, Kelley Fritz, Aaron Nickolotsky

Cadre 1 - 2010-2012

From left to right: Amanda Nelson, Kristen Bouska, Kim Erndt, Alicia Lloyd, Tim Stoebner




IGERT Fellowships

IGERT fellowship awards are widely recognized as prestigious and highly competitive awards.  The IGERT Program in Watershed Science and Policy trains Ph.D. students in national and international best practices in integrated watershed science and management.

  • Emphasis on multi-disciplinary watershed issues and solutions
  • Model-based data synthesis and policy
  • Practical experience via extended internships and mentored teaching experiences
  • Exposure to trans-boundary rivers and international watershed management issues.

Educational Components and Experiences

$30,000/year fellowship from the National Science Foundation for the first two years

$10,500/year tuition and cost-of-education allowance for the first two years

Develop a team-based watershed management plan  with all travel and research paid

Attend local, regional, and national conferences, expenses paid

Student laptop computer